COVID-19 Business Update - Belgium

Dear Customer,

Due to the current health, safety and preventive measures implemented by the Belgian Government, we have decided to close our Antwerp office. All our employees are requested to work from home. We have activated our internal protocol for safety and business continuity plan. For this we would like to inform that Safmarine continues 100% operative on a Global and Local scale until further notice.

Our Antwerp office is closed as of today and our employees have the opportunity to work from home in order to respond effectively to your commercial and operational needs.  Even so we would like to share with all our customers the basic guidelines on how to operate in this new scenario

In order to make it easier for you to manage any situations remotely, we have the below recommendations:


30 July 2020

Safmarine Belgium and COVID-19: Online Solutions including Counter and BL reception.



In case you require Safmarine original paper or printing BLs from our offices

  • If possible, move to handling shipments via waybills.
  • In case you do require original bills of lading, Safmarine will be happy to assist with an “electronic release” / “Telex release” of bills of lading – where we will keep the original bills of lading with Safmarine and allow release of cargo to the consignee / nominated party on your request alone. Alternatively, it can also be printed out at destination to the Customer designated by you.
  • In case there is no other means than to have an original B/L printed in Antwerp please contact our staff and they will guide you to the best solution.



Due to the current developments our Antwerp office is no longer open for Original BL reception. In the event of alterations, we would inform you via our site  and also about alternative ways for remote cargo release. We strongly recommend you to ask your Agents or Shipper at origin to issue BLs in Sea Way Bill mode or perform Telex release in your favor to minimize document exchanges.

Our staff will be guiding you in the options available to you in your situation.

In the event that you have no other option than to hand-over the original B/L to our Antwerp office , you will be guided by our staff where to send it - only by DHL ,TNT or On Time (local) -  no other couriers or personal deliveries will be accepted.



Other mail - no B/Ls or documents of value - which is delivered to our letter box at our office will be picked up daily and processed as soon as possible but we do expect some delay.

Please discuss with the recipient of your mail or parcel for delivery on an alternative delivery location if needed.



In addition to the documentation alternatives, we remind you that you can manage all your shipments through our web site and hereby we remind you of the most used online links: 


In case you are visiting our offices, please be aware of the WHO recommendations:



Remember, our customer service and commercial teams are always available to support you whenever you need us.  


Best regards, 



Together we go places.


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