Inland Haulage Import (IHI) – Uganda

Effective from 14th August, 2020.

Dear Customer,

In order to keep providing you with our global services, Maersk is revising the Inland Haulage Import (IHI) for all DRY cargo from UG, effective 15th August 2020 applicable for FMC countries (USA, Guam, Virgin Island, American Samoa and Puerto Rico ) and 17th July 2020  for NON_FMC countries ( Rest of the area which is not included on FMC countries).


For more details you can refer to the Inland Rate Lookup tool, which can be found here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales or customer service representative. You will find contact details of our local offices on


We thank you for your partnership. We truly appreciate the trust you put in us in moving your cargo from one doorstep to the next, and we are excited to continue working closely with you. 


Best regards,

Together we go places.

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