DHL Egypt

Helping DHL sail through tough times

Just like the over 200 countries they’re present in, DHL is very successful in Egypt, providing solutions for hundreds of logistics needs.

But things changed four years ago. The political unrest resulted in a slowdown in business, not just for DHL but also for most companies in the region.

With the economy slowly coming back to its feet, DHL’s main focus is to increase their market share.


Yara Zaazaa (Customer Experience Partner, Safmarine Egypt), Magued Ragheb (Country Air Freight & Ocean Freight Product Head, DHL Global Forwarding Egypt), Wael Hassan (Head of Ocean Freight Capacity Management), Hisham El Khadem (Key Client Manager, Safmarine Egypt)

We need to get more business, and we believe that our partnership with Safmarine will help us get there,” says Magued Ragheb, Country Air Freight & Ocean Freight Product Head for DHL Global Forwarding Egypt.

Safmarine has given me real support. Since working with them last year, I’ve seen nothing but extreme support, going the extra mile, and responsiveness outside working hours.

For Magued, there are three areas where Safmarine is helping DHL become a more successful business.

The first of these is transparency. “We see Safmarine as an unbiased partner. It’s refreshing to have this approach from a carrier so that we know where we stand. It’s important to have this transparent feedback and to have a partner who understands our language,” he says.

The second area is flexible pricing. “The Egyptian market has faced a lot of challenges in recent years resulting in market fluctuations, so having flexible rates to overcome challenging situations is very important as we go through this recovery period.”.


Safmarine’s Hisham El Khadem with Magued Ragheb and Wael Hassan of DHL Global Forwarding Egypt

Finally, it’s Safmarine’s willingness to go the extra mile that makes a huge difference. “We receive requests late in the evening, which means we need to be able to get hold of Safmarine after office hours. And this is what we get; the ability to reach a person who can make a decision so that no time is wasted.”.

We have a very successful relationship and we look forward to making it stronger and more successful in the future.

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