Egyptian Company for Preserving and Cooling (ECPC)

It’s our personal touch that elevates the customer experience from good to great.

Egyptian Company for Preserving and Cooling (ECPC) is one of largest exporters of frozen fruit and vegetables in Egypt. They’ve been shipping with Safmarine for over 20 years now.

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Abdel Wahab Rashad (Export Manager, ECPC) and Hisham El-Khadem (Key Client Manager, Safmarine Egypt)

This long-lasting relationship is rooted in Safmarine’s ability to understand what it takes to help ECPC succeed.

“We work with Safmarine because they simply are the best in this field,” says Abdel Wahab Rashad (Export Manager, ECPC). “They’ve helped us grow over the years by giving help without us having to ask for it.”

According to Abdel, on-time delivery and availability of equipment from Safmarine are key to helping ECPC become the leading supplier of frozen fruit and vegetables. “Safmarine provides a quick response and secures the right amount of reefer slots on vessels and at terminals – even during peak times,” says Abdel.

In addition to Safmarine’s reliability and flexibility, Abdel values the personal touch and sense of partnership shown by Safmariners.

“If I need to get hold of someone at Safmarine, I can usually reach them straight away. If not, they always return my call very quickly,” says Abdel. “That shows that everyone in the team stands by me. They really are professionals and can solve almost any issues that arise.”

Abdel cites an anecdote when he exported a container to the wrong destination by mistake.

“I asked Safmarine for help. They re-routed my shipment, but said I had to pay additional fees. I was fine with that. When they told me later that the container was on its way without any additional fees, I was so happy. And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I arrived at my office to find a box of chocolates from the team,” he beams.

“Safmarine is the only company that can give me an excellent service to any destination – even if we were shipping to the moon!”

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