JSB Consultants

24/7 dedication and service

JSB Consultants is one of the biggest frozen meat forwarders within reefer cargo in North India – especially within the buffalo meat segment.

The company was founded by Mr. J.S. Bisht in 2004 and is now co-run by his sons Anoop and Arvind Bisht. Anoop handles pricing, sales and planning while Arvind looks after trucking, container placements and customs clearing.

Back in 2007, JSB acquired two trucks to gain better control of the placement and timely delivery of containers. Today they operate a fleet of 80 trucks.

Both Anoop and Arvind are proud to say that JSB’s growth and success has been because of the service levels they can offer their meat-exporting customers; service levels that have to be matched by Safmarine to make this partnership work.

JSBWe started with one or two containers a month. Since then, we’ve really ramped up on reefers,” says Anoop. “Today, we handle about 300 containers a month for our largest customer, MK Overseas, which equates to about 90 per cent of their cargo. And 30 per cent of that is shipped with Safmarine.

In addition to MK Overseas, JSB also handles cargo for Mirha Exports and Al Aali, who are also large meat producers and suppliers.

JSBTo meet the needs of JSB, we have to be available round the clock too,” says Kavita Bakshi, Account Manager, Safmarine India. “That’s one of the reasons why JSB partners with us. Our competitors can handle reefer cargo, but it’s our dedication and service that we provide 24/7 that JSB really appreciates.

At USD 110,000 a container, frozen meat is expensive cargo, and needs to be handled with care. This, according to Anoop, requires everybody to work together to make everything work on time and to the satisfaction of JSB’s customers.

A customer might call at 10 o’clock at night and say they need 10 containers the next morning. We immediately get to work to find containers, check they’re okay and get them delivered,” says Anoop.

Anoop makes a point of praising Kuruvilla Chalishery, Regional Manager, Safmarine North India, and his team in Delhi in this regard. “It’s a partnership business – and I feel that the Safmarine team in Delhi are helping to build our business and increase our volumes.

The Indian market is also not without its unique challenges. Bad roads, traffic jams that stretch for miles, low visibility due to foggy weather – all these can delay deliveries.

Whenever a problem occurs, Safmarine is there to help resolve it. And that’s a mindset that Anoop really appreciates. “Safmarine always does its very best to help,” he says. “I see it in their people’s eyes. I see that they really want to make things work.

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