Qingqi motorcycles

Safmarine helps kickstart an entrepreneurial trend in Nigeria.

Motorcycle taxis are very common in Nigeria. They help ease the unemployment situation and put food on the table for many a resident. They’re also instrumental in helping people with an entrepreneurial streak save up enough capital to start their own businesses.

Qingqi Motorcycles sells roughly every third motorcycle in Nigeria. This corresponds to imports of 50 containers with complete knockdown kits each month. The bikes are assembled at their Lagos facility.

Manoj Sheth is General Manager at Qingqi Motorcycles Manufacturing Company in Nigeria. As a regular customer of Safmarine, Manoj Sheth points to the carrier’s online tracking system as something that benefits his business, specifically bringing down the amount of money tied up in inventory.


Salomon Kayode, one of the thousands of satisfied okada riders, is proof that Safmarine is the proud carrier that helps create business not just for its customers, but its customers' customers.

Tracking the vessel enables us to confirm delivery to our buyers and start our sales process much earlier. This reduces turnaround time, which is the most important element of our business,” he says.

Using the vessel’s registration number, which Safmarine makes available via the customs authorities five days before the vessel arrives, Qingqi Motorcycles starts the paperwork and planning, knowing exactly when it will have access to its containers.

We have provided the answers that customers are looking for online. I think this improves a lot of things for Qingqi Motorcycles and for our other customers as well,” says Omowunmi Ogunbowale, Senior Sales Executive at Safmarine Nigeria.


“Today, 70% of our business goes to Safmarine. The level of confidence we have in them is one that we cannot compare with other shipping lines,” says Manoj Sheth, General Manager at Qingqi Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

Manoj says, “We have had a good rapport with Safmarine for the past five years. Today, 70% of our business goes to Safmarine, and the level of confidence we have in Safmarine is one that we cannot compare with other shipping lines.” 

He concludes on an optimistic note. “In the next three to five, we want to increase our business 3 to 4 fold. Safmarine will be playing a big role in helping us realise our ambitions.

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