Shree Agencies

Moving mountains for a customer

Business is going well for Shree Agencies, also known as World of Stones, the third largest shipper of natural stone in Northern India.

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Harsh Kalani (Managing Director, Shree Agencies)

Shree Agencies exports 4,000 containers of Indian natural stone and stone craft products every year – with 45% of that shipped by Safmarine.

At their processing plant, natural stone is crafted into decorative wall cladding, garden landscape paving and indoor floor tiles, to stone ornaments and intricate mosaics. Eighty-five per cent of these designer products are shipped to the UK every year.

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A worker operates a machine with a large diameter stone that slices sandstone into slabs. The stone is sliced wet to protect the blade and ensure dust is suppressed.

And since working with Safmarine in 2008, Harsh Kalani, MD at Shree Agencies, has seen a dramatic increase in export business.

“The main reason we work with Safmarine is because of the customised service and the helpful nature of the people working throughout the organisation,” he says.

Safmarine’s Manish Srivastava (Sales Account Manager) and Ravindran Nair (Customer Experience Partner) look after the Shree Agencies account, and it’s their support that Harsh values the most.


Rajesh Patel (Operations Manager, Shree Agencies), Manish Srivastava (Account Manager, Safmarine India), Rohit Gawali (Trade and Marketing Manager).

“It’s because of Manish and Ravindran’s help that the business has grown so much,” he says. “I can contact them any time if I have an issue. We’re given priority when it comes to equipment, we get the boxes on time, and they help me improve our processes.”

“Initially, Shree Agencies used to place bookings of single containers,” explains Manish. “But they experienced a peak in their business in 2014 and units were rolling from one vessel to the next. Merging bookings was not easy and created difficulties for us both. So we visited Shree Agencies to work out how to solve the issue.”

Manish and Ravindran suggested the customer placed bookings of five containers at a time. The result? “When the customer implemented the solution, the process was smooth and a lot easier to work with,” says Manish. “According to Shree Agencies, the time they save as a result of working this way is used for more productive work – which means they can spend time focusing on growing their business!”

“It’s Safmarine’s commitment to working in our best interest and a sense of shared ownership that is fundamental to mutual success,” concludes Harsh.

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