A warm welcome

Let’s make it easier for you

This onboarding site is designed for you - to guide you on your navigation to an easier and faster shipping online through my.safmarine.com.

my.safmarine.com brings you:

  • The easier way to book and manage your shipments.
  • Support to your growing business.
  • Features such as remembering your frequently used ports, commodities, business partners, etc.
  • Duplication of an exisiting booking and saves time.
  • Reliability, user-friendly features and fast.
  • Availability for 24/7.

Consider it done

my.safmarine.com is our intuitive, flexible self-service platform that reduces your administration costs and makes the processing of shipment information easier than ever. Save time in research and be better informed through easy-to-find content that is designed to highlight simple and relevant solutions. Maximise opportunities through leveraging market insights and expertise online anytime. Address local challenges that typically lead to higher local costs through a website with local market insights and examples of local solutions. Get smarter through a website available 24/7 all over the world.