There is a lot at stake when you ship your pharmaceutical products to labs, customers, and stores all over the world. The health and wellness of end-consumers can depend on its safe delivery.

We know these medicines are sensitive and should not be contaminated in any way. That’s why we ensure that only advanced refrigerated transport technology will deliver these to your customers.

With Remote Container Management, the transportation of your pharmaceutical cargo gets an increased level of cargo care. Consider these features:

  • Each of our refrigerated containers is digitally connected to a central monitoring hub.
  • Meet every metric that contributes to cargo care, from temperature records, location-tracking, and much more – these tangible data records handling of your pharma products and complies with good distribution practice (GDP).
  • Through Quality Management System within Remote Container Management, you are given tangible proof to meet regulatory requirements and strict quality demands.
  • Remote Container Management can monitor and record every container’s location, power status, temperature, humidity, and ventilation settings throughout its journey.
  • The improved visibility of your cold chain means you get full access to reefer performance data.
  • Your pharmaceuticals meet quality assurance standards.
  • The data you receive can be shared with your customers and third parties, particularly insurance companies.
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