A Safmarine touch

Improving cargo care for your refrigerated goods is our passion. With Remote Container Management (RCM) we are taking those extra steps. Consider it a customer-first digital innovation that brings a human touch to shipping.

Sign up for Remote Container Management here. A Safmariner and reefer specialist is always on hand to help you, so you’re welcome to reach out to your local Safmarine office.   

If you’re a first time Safmarine customer, register on our digital platform My.Safmarine.com – an online portal for all things shipping with a human touch. Through your login, you can directly sign up for Remote Container Management. 

Delivering your refrigerated cargo with us is about putting the passion in shipping. Because we give you: 



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Agile shipping
Throughout your cargo’s journey, data is collected and utilised in making important decisions that affect your business. The Remote Container Management dashboard has the information you need to make smart decisions even while your cargo is in transit.



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Location tracking
Wherever in the world your container is, you get real-time updates of its location and the number of days it has been on its journey. You can predict your goods’ shelf life, and it gives you an added layer of protection against theft and tampering.



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Relationship care
Remote Container Management can help your business partnerships. With this digital innovation, everyone in your supply chain is able to predict the state of your cargo before it reaches destination. It’s a proactive approach to address your shipping needs.



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Supply chain visibility
With Remote Container Management, all vendors in your supply chain are accountable to their promises. Through the data that you receive, you’ll be able to know that your cargo was kept at your requested settings the entire journey.



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Peace of mind
No more surprises when opening your container – the Remote Container Management dashboard eliminates your doubts and worries for you
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