Hazardous Cargo

They’re flammable, they’re explosive, they’re corrosive, they’re toxic. They're just some of the categories of potentially dangerous cargo we routinely carry around the world.

Shipments like these that pose hazard to life, property or the environment are usually classified as hazardous cargo. Naturally, hazardous cargoes need to be handled with extreme care.

As no two hazardous cargoes are the same, each shipment is dealt with on an individual basis for compliance with statutory regulations.

To this end, we have a set up a team to assist us in handling your hazardous cargo with respect to local and global legal, safety and environmental requirements.

Our teams - on the ground and on board - assess the nature of your shipment and accordingly allocate the correct equipment and necessary procedures needed, including providing for any contingency en route.

When loading and stowing hazardous cargo, we lay emphasis on appropriate stowage and segregation. So that not only you shipment but the containers around it are safe and secure.

Shipping hazardous cargo requires special expertise, experience, tested processes and a sophisticated infrastructure. We have it all.

This enables us to deliver more than just your hazardous cargo; it enables us to deliver peace of mind.

For more information and help with shipping hazardous cargo, please get in touch with a Safmarine office near you.

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