Cocoa – Containerized cocoa beans service

We are pleased to introduce our specialised container service developed to serve the needs of our customers involved with the shipment of cocoa beans in containers.

Cocoa beans and cocoa products being most sensitive cargoes, they can't be exposed too long to heat and other elements. Also direct cold and sunlight can severely deteriorate the quality. Which is why we have a specialised container service for the shipment of cocoa beans and cocoa products.

This service, with a focus on safety, security and reliability, is provided by people you know and can trust. It’s our people and their expertise which set us apart from other shipping lines – our dedicated team has many years of experience in shipping cocoa beans.

Choose the right container

Don't take the risk of having condensation harm your precious commodity. When it comes to choosing the right container, let Safmarines experience and knowledge be your guide.

Check the container

No one knows the importance of a clean container better than Safmarine. The containers have to be delivered empty and clean for stuffing. Before empty containers are dispatched to our customers, we check that the containers are dry, that there are no holes to let in water or light. They are checked to ensure that they are free of any residues, rust and structural damage. We follow a detailed checklist for every container dispatch. Of course if you ever find that containers supplied by Safmarine are not in line with your expectations, please inform us. We will immediately replace them.

Pack the container properly

When it comes to packing a container, as so with so many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way. At Safmarine we have provided dressing material in line with international standards for containers for years. We can give you non-committal tips and suggestions to dress your containers efficiently. You can line their walls with corrugated board to protect bagged cocoa and use dry bags to prevent condensation; for bulk shipping you can use high quality bulkheads.

Loading a tilted container with cocoa beans in bulk - the method used for standard containers. A polypropylene liner bulkhead reinforced with iron bars has been installed in the front of the container. On request, Safmarine can supply dressing material in line with FCC guidelines in major origins. 

Our service features for shipping cocoa

  • We offer weekly departures from key "cocoa products load ports" in Africa to destination ports worldwide.
  • Withs us, you get access to a large network of modern and fast container vessel fleet and one of the largest container equipment fleets in the world including high grade flat racks and open tops, available where and when you need them.
  • Moisture and dampness and damage cocoa beans. We provide you with Moisture Absorbent Material (MAM) for bagged cocoa to protect your shipment.
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