We are pleased to introduce our specialised container service developed to serve the needs of our customers involved with the shipment of cotton in containers.

This service, with a focus on safety, security and reliability, is provided by people you know and can trust. It’s our people and their expertise which set us apart from other shipping lines - our dedicated team has many years of experience in shipping cotton.

Cotton is one of the most important agricultural exports on the African continent. As a large niche player on the African trades Safmarine has the flexibility and knowledge to offer tailor made solutions in the transportation of such sensitive commodities.

Cotton is sensitive cargo that must be handled with care and protected from moisture, since cotton is strongly hygroscopic and readily absorbs moisture.

Safmarine has extensive experience in shipping cotton cargo and the on-carriage required throughout Africa, we provide through transport services to and from the land-locked countries where cotton is mainly cultivated. Using a single document, the Combined Transport Bill of Lading, we take full responsibility for the safe shipment and delivery of cargo whether it has to move by road or rail, no matter how many different stages the cargo must go through before reaching its final destination. Safmarine will arrange all your shipping, trucking, and transit formalities

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