Indian Ocean islands

Throughout their trading history, the Indian Ocean islands have continued to export raw materials and import manufactured goods produced elsewhere in the world.

The combination of smallness and remoteness has made the Indian Ocean Islands reliant on seaborne trade to be competitive on the world stage.  Shipping brings the global markets closer to these isolated islands, providing access for new and exciting opportunities.

At Safmarine we are playing an important role in working with the Indian Ocean islands to introduce competitive offerings and connections to their trading markets.

Our comprehensive service offering to and from the Indian Ocean islands connects markets and trading partners in the Far East, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, North Africa, the Mediterranean, Portugal, Spain and Southern Africa.

We have a significant presence across the Indian Ocean islands and it is our ambition to further strengthen our footprint in this region and to constantly improve our service offering.

Our people have the knowledge and experience in the efficient planning of your transportation requirements, and look forward to opening up the world for you. Let us know where you’d like to ship. Together we can go places.

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