North America

North America’s emergence and dominance as a world economic power has been dependent on its coastal ports to conduct trade.

The US leads North America as the world's largest national economy, representing 22% of nominal global GDP and 17% of global GDP. The United States' GDP was estimated to be $17.710 trillion as of Q1 2015.

The U.S. is the world's third largest producer of oil and natural gas. It is the second-largest trading nation in the world as well as the world's second largest manufacturer, representing a fifth of the global manufacturing output.

Its six largest trading partners are spread across the world - Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and South Korea.

Our comprehensive service offering to and from North America connects markets and trading partners in East and West Africa, the Mediterranean, Portugal, Spain, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Southern Africa.

In addition we also offer an extensive product offering which connects various inland locations within North America.

We have a significant presence across North America and it is our ambition to further strengthen our footprint in this region and to constantly improve our service offering.

Our people have the knowledge and experience in the efficient planning of your transportation requirements and look forward to opening up the world for you by partnering with you.

Let us know where you’d like to ship. Together we can go places.

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